Being better organized seems unimportant

until you realize how much it can accelerate 

your efforts to achieve that which is important

Enables methods David Allen describes in his book

"Getting Things Done, the art of stress-free productivity". 

Different from, and complementary to, any tool you use today.

What is LeaderFulcrum

A tool built to address the unique challenges of people who lead 

and get work done through

 1) meetings,  2) delegation, and 3) managing their own task list.

Problems Solved

You get things done through Agendas, Tasks and Delegation, but organizing them takes a lot of effort and things still fall through the cracks.  You want to spend more time on high-value, creative, critical thinking and planning activities.  


You need a tool built for your work, at your finger tips, that lets you capture, organize, recall, delegate, and move on.  The tool needs to save you time, improve your follow through, sharpen your focus and free your mind from tracking details to enable higher-value thinking.  It needs to help you improve your entire team’s performance.

To make your Meetings Effective,

you need to know more than when and where

Your Calendar only gives you:

  • Date, Time, Location

LeaderFulcrum helps you plan meaningful agendas for all your meetings.  Then the Meeting Dashboard answers your deeper questions:

  • Have you finalized and distributed the Agendas for the upcoming meetings you organize?
    • Who is presenting what and for how long?  In what order?
    • Do any topics need to be carried over from the last meeting?
    • Will all the draft topics fit within the meeting time?

  • For meetings you attend but don’t organize, or don’t attend but are authorized to follow:
    • What is on the Agenda?  
    • Do you need to Pre-Read anything?
    • Are you presenting anything on the Agenda?
      • How much time do you have?
      • Are the materials you supplied available as per-reads?

  • Can you see the Minutes from last time? (With one click.)

  • For meetings you run, have all assignments from last time been completed?  
    • Can you see the status updates for those assignments?
  • Do you have any outstanding assignments? 
  • Do any of your staff have outstanding assignments?
  • Did you/they provide updates on our assignments?


See the Meeting Dashboard in action. 2 Minute Demo

The Meeting Dashboard

  • Has the information you need in one view.
  • You see the meetings you are authorized to see.
  • From here you have one-click access to detailed views.
  • What you see varies depending on if you are: 
    • the meeting organizer, 
    • a regular meeting attendee,
    • an invited guest presenter.

Task List Management should be a Team sport

To excel, you need to upgrade your team's "equipment"

Your Task List:

  • Only Tasks you wrote or typed
  • Only Updates you wrote or typed
  • Sorting & organizing - how?  
  • May require manual copying forward?
  • Searchable?

LeaderFulcrum’s Unified Task Tool:

  • Tasks you captured.
  • Tasks others assigned to you.
  • Tasks assignments from meetings.
  • Tasks you assigned to others.

  • Updates you typed (or dictated with your speech recognition tool).
  • Updates others entered.

  • Can Link tasks together.

  • Organize and view by Category, Priority, Work on Date, Due Date.

  • Fully searchable.
  • Completed items viewable and searchable as needed.

  • One click Review of assignments to others without copying to your agenda.
See the Unified Task Tool in action. 1 Minute Demo

The Unified Task List

  • Has the information you need in one view.
  • You see the tasks you are authorized to see.

  • Organize them the way you like.

  • You have one-click access to the details, updates and supporting materials.

How does it Work

  • Organize:  LeaderFulcrum organizes the things leaders juggle. It organizes delegated assignments, tasks (To Do lists), meetings, meeting topics and supporting materials.  It ensures reliable follow through by you and your team.

  • Reduce redundant work:  It reduces redundant work by automatically linking Meetings, Topics, Tasks and Supporting Materials in a way no other tool does.

  • Effortless by-products:  Task tracking, Agendas, Minutes, and quick access to reference materials are all effortless by-products of simply staying organized.  Generate polished agendas and minutes with a click.

  • At your fingertips:  It is always at your fingertips - on your a) desktop b) laptop, c) iPad and d) iPhone.  Move between devices throughout your day.

  • Fast Capture:  Information capture is fast so users stop the two step 1) note writing and later 2) transcribing into spreadsheets and documents.  

  • Thoughtful Multi-User Design:  Unlike other tools, the multi-user design easily enables controlled access to information.  Individuals and team leaders decide which information regular and ad hoc attendees can see.  

  • Supports best practices:  The tool supports your use of expert recommended best practices for staying organized, running effective meetings and being more productive.

Fast Setup     Free Trial     Single-Users Benefit

  • No credit card needed to start your free 45 day trial.

  • Your setup can be completed in a day with 15 minutes of your time. 

  • Effective for a single user or a team.  You’ll see value quickly.

  • Add your Administrative Assistant(s) and let them to do work for you.  Grant them access to the special Administrative Assistant tools and they can take even more off your shoulders.

  • Add members of your team and further improve collaboration and reduce duplicate effort.

  • Runs on MACs, PCs, iPads and iPhones.

  • A series of brief, online tutorials is available after you start your trial or subscription. 

  • Subscription based, there are no big capital expenses or long delays to get started.  We provide the secure, cloud based server.  Each user (or team) is hosted in their own dedicated, encrypted database.  

Keys to Success

Being better organized, more focused and improving follow through,

 will make you, and your team, more successful.

How Does It Work For A Single User?

Big Name Endorsement

Give me a team of strong mind,

and LeaderFulcrum

upon which to leverage their talents, and I shall move the world.

Sounds like something 


might say.  

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