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Getting Things Done (GTD) with LeaderFulcrum

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LeaderFulcrum was inspired in part by the book “Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivity” by David Allen.  We recommend reading it.  The organizing models, processes and disciplines David describes will help you with or without a software tool.  And, software tutorials are no substitute for the foundational understanding you will gain by reading the book.


Those familiar with GTD (Getting Things Done) will recognize how leaderFulcrum has built support for GTD methods into the software.


A key concept of the GTD method is to stop tracking your “stuff” in your head and get it into a trusted system (paper or otherwise).  The importance and benefits of this can not be over emphasized.  If your front-end capture process isn’t efficient, then your organizing system will break down.  LeaderFulcrum enables easy and rapid capture from anywhere.  It’s always at hand with cloud-based access from your iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac.


David’s book describes a simple but important way to “process your stuff” into categories to  enable you to track and manage it.  LeaderFulcrum provides support for that categorization and management.  It also enables effective periodic review.  Periodic review is important to cementing trust in your organizational system.  Without it, your mind will be consumed by  tracking tasks rather than liberated for creative work.  If your “stuff” management system isn’t efficient then you will stop using it because the benefits won’t outweigh the effort.  LeaderFulcrum makes capture, management and periodic review fast and easy so you’ll stick with it and get the benefits.


LeaderFulcrum’s integrated meeting capabilities support important best practices that complement, and go beyond the scope of GTD.  Productive meetings start with thoughtful agenda planning and LeaderFulcrum makes that easy.  But driving results from meetings requires more than an organized agenda.  With LeaderFulcrum, the agenda is the start of the minutes.  Task assignments from meeting minutes are seamlessly integrated with the rest of your task management.  An individualized meeting dashboard tells you more than your calendar ever can about upcoming and past meetings.  The dashboard includes agendas and agenda readiness, status of tasks assigned to you and others, easy access to meeting materials including clear pre-read assignments and dynamically generated minutes that always include the latest task status updates.  That really drives accountability and follow through.


LeaderFulcrum is great for individuals but really supercharges the GTD model when you utilize its multi-user capabilities.  Adding your Administrative Assistant will enable them to take more off your shoulders.  Adding your team will get everyone focused and pulling in the same direction, spread the load and reduce redundant work.


LeaderFulcrum brings GTD and other best practice methods to life and will enable you to achieve the GTD goal of stress-free productivity, liberating your mind for more creativity and focus.

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