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Big Name Endorsement

Give me a team of strong mind,

and LeaderFulcrum

upon which to leverage their talents, and I shall move the world.

Sounds like something 


might say.  

Being better organized seems unimportant

until you realize how much it can accelerate 

your efforts to achieve that which is important

Problems Solved

You get things done through Agendas, Tasks and Delegation, but organizing them takes a lot of effort and things still fall through the cracks.  You want to spend more time on high-value, creative, critical thinking and planning activities.  


You need a tool built for your work, at your finger tips, that lets you capture, organize, recall, delegate, and move on.  The tool needs to save you time, improve your follow through, sharpen your focus and free your mind from tracking details to enable higher-value thinking.  It needs to help you improve your entire team’s performance.

Keys to Success

Being better organized, more focused and improving follow through,

 will make you, and your team, more successful.

LeaderFulcrum enables methods David Allen describes in his book

"Getting Things Done, the art of stress-free productivity". 

It is different from, and complementary to, any tool you use today.

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