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For a single-user, the cost is US$300 per year.  If you make $80k/yr and LeaderFulcrum saves you 7 minutes per week it pays for itself.  Even if you have to buy this out of your own pocket, think about the value of a 5% or 10% raise when your boss sees how productive you are.  That is one heck of a return on your investment.  *  **


For a multi-user setup, the cost is US$300 per user per year.  If LeaderFulcrum saves each user 7 minutes a week, it pays for itself.  *  ** 

* Of course LeaderFulcrum isn't just about saving time.  Its big value is improved effectiveness of leaders and the people they lead.  Driving real results.  Ensuring follow through.  What's the value of that?

Don't forget the  45 day free trial offer.

To start a Trial or Subscription, "Log In" (Top right). Then "Sign Up".

** Calculations assume employee salary of US$80,000 plus typical benefits.

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