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Why It Works

  • Organize:  LeaderFulcrum organizes the things leaders juggle. It organizes delegated assignments, tasks (To Do lists), meetings, meeting topics and supporting materials.  It ensures reliable follow through by you and your team.

  • Reduce redundant work:  It reduces redundant work by automatically linking Meetings, Topics, Tasks and Supporting Materials in a way no other tool does.

  • Effortless by-products:  Task tracking, Agendas, Minutes, and quick access to reference materials are all effortless by-products of simply staying organized.  Generate polished agendas and minutes with a click.

  • At your fingertips:  It is always at your fingertips - on your a) desktop b) laptop, c) iPad and d) iPhone.  Move between devices throughout your day.

  • Fast Capture:  Information capture is fast so users stop the two step 1) note writing and later 2) transcribing into spreadsheets and documents.  

  • Thoughtful Multi-User Design:  Unlike other tools, the multi-user design easily enables controlled access to information.  Individuals and team leaders decide which information regular and ad hoc attendees can see.  

  • Supports best practices:  The tool supports your use of expert recommended best practices for staying organized, running effective meetings and being more productive.

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