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Hospitals and Medical Offices

Be Prepared For A Long EMR Outage


Patients and Staff are counting on you.
Inexpensive    Intuitive    Rapid Install

What is your business continuity plan?

Watch this 2.5 Minute Explanation

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With this Downtime Forms Repository staff at all your locations will have up to date copies of all your forms.

Easy management and distribution.

  Staff can print patient labels or overlay forms with basic patient identifier information, including barcodes - making care safer and recovery scanning faster and more accurate.

45 Day
Free Trial

Quick and Easy  Setup


  • No payment needed to start your free 45 day trial.

  • The application is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Setup is easy and a bulk load of forms is possible.

  • Subscription based, there are no big capital expenses or long delays to get started.  We provide the secure, cloud based server. 

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