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LeaderFulcrum is designed to help you and your team get more done

It is built to address the challenges

faced by leaders who manage many concurrent tasks, deadlines and demands.

It will improve your team's ability and capacity to execute, accelerate the pace of execution, and improve teamwork and follow through

It helps individuals be more organized, more focused, more productive and less stressed.

It enables you to offload work to others without fear things will get dropped.

The Meeting tool enables more thoughtful agenda planning, easy access to meeting information and better follow through and continuity.  It improves group focus.

The Meeting Dashboard tells each user everything they need to know about their upcoming and recent meetings.  It ensures preparedness and accountability.

The Task tool is a single place to manage all tasks, including tasks created by you, assigned to you by others and tasks from meetings.  This reduces redundant effort.

Tasks can be organized by Due Date, Work on Date, Category, Priority. They are searchable. You can track progress, email the assignee for an update and be guided through periodic review.

This doesn't sound like a big deal but it really is.  We think those familiar with David Allen's book, "Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivity" will love LeaderFulcrum.  After all, GTD did inspire our efforts.

See how LeaderFulcrum enables the GTD methods.

LeaderFulcrum is a game changer.  Unlike any other tool.  It complements your current suite of office tools.

Your plans are just dreams unless you and your team can deliver.

It's time for a tool built to help you execute more effectively.

PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad

LeaderFulcrum is for

            Individuals and Teams who:

- get work done through task and meeting management,

- want to be better organized and get more done,

- juggle many action items and can’t afford to drop any of them,

- want to increase their focus on the important stuff.

45 Day

Free Trial

Quick and Easy  Setup

  • No credit card needed to start your free 45 day trial.

  • Your setup can be completed in a day with 15 minutes of your time. 

  • Effective for a single user or a team.  You’ll see value quickly.

  • Add your Administrative Assistant(s) and let them to do work for you.  Grant them access to the special Administrative Assistant tools and they can take even more off your shoulders.

  • Add members of your team and further improve collaboration and reduce duplicate effort.

  • Runs on MACs, PCs, iPads and iPhones.

  • A series of brief, online tutorials is available after you start your trial or subscription. 

  • Subscription based, there are no big capital expenses or long delays to get started.  We provide the secure, cloud based server.  Each user (or team) is hosted in their own dedicated, encrypted database.  

To start a Free Trial or Subscription, click "Login" (top right), then click "Sign Up".

See demonstration videos under

"How It Works" and "Getting Things Done"

in the menu at the top.

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